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A LOVED t-shirt makes the perfect gift to let your friends and family know they have been stamped LOVED by God, permanently.

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Communicate hope to a friend or loved one facing a mastectomy with Heidi’s devotional, The Faith to Free-Fall.  

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The LOVED t-shirt makes a perfect gift! For babies, toddlers, youth, and adults, it’s a reminder that God has stamped us, LOVED, no matter what.

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What people are saying about Heidi ‘s video seminar, FAITHFUL TO SPEAK:

“After attending Faithful to Speak, my speaking now has a focus and a purpose and I’m more efficient and effective. My business has quadrupled over the past year!” –Tricia Bentley, Nutrition and Fitness Coach

“While everyone has a story, not everyone can tell a story.  Dr. Heidi Petak helps me make good stories great.” –John P. Dodd, Financial Advisor  

“I am a better equipped and a decidedly more interesting teacher for having incorporated these strategies.” –Joanne Arentson, Bible Study Teacher

Faithful to Speak taught me a progressive method of presenting information that builds importance and interest in my topic. I found her enthusiastic presentation to be both applicable and empowering.” – Marya Elrod, Artist

“I was able to transform my statistics into a story that captures the teen’s imagination. I’m thankful for Dr. Heidi Petak’s willingness to share her techniques with us!” –Elizabeth Patton Bowman, Teen Prevention Specialist


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The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.

– Peter Drucker


Heidi Petak headshot standing_croppedI’m a communication coach, helping people communicate bravely on stage and in their professional and personal relationships. I coach clients privately and through Hippo Solutions, an actor-based executive training company, as well as teach communication courses at Williamson College.  I also have enjoyed teaching within the Women’s Ministry of Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN.

While I really am a “doctor,” my 4 kids are quick to tell you I’m “not the kind of doctor who looks in your ears.” I have a PhD in communication specializing in Theatre Arts Studies from Regent University, an M.A. in communication from the University of Arkansas, and a B.S. in Broadcasting from John Brown University.

In my past life, I was a radio DJ. Since then, I have voiced hundreds of commercials and other projects and have been the voice of those phone systems that make you press “1” and then “star 3” and never let you talk to a real person.  Now, when I call them, I annoy myself.

I’m also a writer, with devotionals and drama scripts published by Word, Brentwood Benson, and Lillenas, as well as self-publishing my book, The Faith to Free-Fall in January of 2015, written to encourage women anticipating a mastectomy.  One of my most-loved jobs was as the creative director of Fellowship Bible Church in Northwest Arkansas where I was given countless opportunities in acting, writing, and directing. I now serve on the board of Christians in Theatre Arts (CITA) and still use drama and role-plays when I coach and speak.

I’m married to Brian, the pastor of Outreach and Missional Living at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN. We have four boys who challenge my communication skills daily with conversations about bodily functions.  And, in case you’re wondering, my last name is pronounced “PEA-tack,”  but Siri thinks it’s “Pet-ick.”



Improve your public speaking and interpersonal communication skills with executive coaching sessions.  See your options here.



I welcome opportunities to speak about communication when my schedule permits.  See some of my favorite topics here.



Need a voiceover?  My clients have included Walmart, Cadillac, Holiday Inn, Lifeway and hundreds of others.  Listen to my demos here.



Communicate biblical truth through unforgettable theatre. Find links to my 5 downloadable faith-based script collections and musicals here.


 Each person’s communication becomes a legacy that influences how future generations will communicate.

– Quentin J. Schultze


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