For too long, conservative Christians have communicated in ways that have shut down the conversation. So much so that often we aren’t even asked to sit at the table of cultural dialogue anymore. But what if we could learn to do it differently? To communicate in a way that values the stories and voices of others while remaining true to what we love and believe? Not forsaking the gospel for love, but loving for the sake of the gospel.

With the growing chasm in our country, we desperately need to learn how to be excellent communicators today more than ever. In November of 2016, I begun a series of conversations with my liberal, non-theist friend, Kellie. Shortly after, we founded, The Heart Perception Project to teach people on both sides of the fence how to communicate in ways that keep connection alive. Become a part of the movement. Like us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and join us on our website.


12973399_10154110927059158_2170925098921345245_oLooking forward to being with the women from Life Community Church next weekend as we experience God’s love for us! “You Are Loved to Communicate Love.” Life Community Church Women’s Retreat. April 8, 2017, Deer Run Retreat Center, Thompson’s Station, TN

“The Heart Perception Project: Connecting in Conflict.” April 14-15, 2017. Seattle, WA

“Communicating with Love and Logic.”  April 21, 2017. Thompson’s Station Church, Thompson’s Station, TN

“Blended and Blessed.” Family Life Event. April 29, 2017. Little Rock, AR

“Broken and Beloved.” Fellowship Bible Church. August, 2017. Brentwood, TN


shepherds-and-kings-coverCreatively communicate a redemptive message this Christmas with my latest musical from Word Entertainment. Click to order from Word.

faith to freefall amazon book cover

Communicate hope to a friend facing a mastectomy 
with my devotional, The Faith to Free-Fall. Click to order from Amazon. 


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The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.

– Peter Drucker


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I’m a writer, speaker, voiceover artist, and communication trainer, passionate about helping you communicate in more life-giving and compelling ways.

I earned a Ph.D. in Communication from Regent University and now serve as Senior Creative for Hippo Solutions, writing and facilitating interactive, custom case studies with live actors for corporate clientele. I also teach communication at Williamson College where my students call me “Dr. P.” I’ve been blessed to speak around the U.S. and the world in Peru, Puerto Rico, Japan, Austria, the Czech Republic, and South Sudan.

As a writer, I’ve written 11 musical scripts for Word, Lillenas, and Brentwood-Benson, and created 5 collections of scenes for the modern church. And as a former radio DJ and a 20-year veteran of the voiceover industry, I also continue to serve clients with warm, professional voiceovers.

My hundreds of clients have included Walmart, Sam’s, HCA, Asurion, HGTV, Women of Faith, Dannon, YMCA, Cracker Barrel, Nissan, Tri-Star Health, Lifeway, Mars Petcare, Word Entertainment, Ron Blue Financial Services, and World Vision.

My story includes the discovery that I’m a carrier of BRCA2, a genetic mutation for breast and ovarian cancer. I chose to undergo a preventative mastectomy in 2010 and then wrote my devotional, The Faith to Free-Fall, to provide a resource for you to communicate hope to a friend or loved one anticipating this momentous surgery.

For communication insights, subscribe to my blog and follow me on Twitter, Instagram and my Facebook page- Dr. Heidi Petak.

Everything I do, whether writing, coaching, speaking, voiceover(ing)–it’s all about communication. Contact me to see how I can help you!

(And by the way, my last name is pronounced “Pea-tack.” Siri thinks it’s “Pet-ik.” Don’t listen to her.)



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 Each person’s communication becomes a legacy that influences how future generations will communicate.

– Quentin J. Schultze


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