For too long, conservative Christians have communicated in ways that have shut down conversations. In fact, we often aren’t even invited to sit at the table of cultural dialogue anymore. But what if we could learn to do it differently? To communicate in a way that values the stories and voices of others while remaining true to what we love and believe? Not forsaking the gospel for love, but loving for the sake of the gospel.

With the growing chasm in our country, we desperately need to learn how to become excellent communicators today more than ever. In November of 2016, I began a series of conversations with my liberal, non-theist, Seattleite friend of 30 years, Kellie. Shortly after, we founded the Heart Perception Project to teach people on both sides of the fence how to communicate in ways that keep connection alive. Become a part of the movement by subscribing to our YouTube channel, following us and liking our Facebook page, and joining us on our website,

We are currently looking for sponsors who would like to help bring the Heart Perception Project to more cities and towns- maybe yours! Please contact me for more information.


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The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.

– Peter Drucker


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Dr. Heidi Petak (Dr. P) is a writer, speaker, communication trainer, voiceover artist, and adjunct college prof, passionate about helping people learn to communicate in life-giving ways. As Senior Creative for the Nashville-based, innovative consulting company, Hippo Solutions, Heidi has helped clients including HCA, Tractor Supply, Asurion, and the State of TN gain new perspectives of their greatest challenges in organizational communication. She has also served as a private communication coach for CEOs and managers in the fields of finance, healthcare, real estate, counseling, and ministry, and has taught communication courses for Indiana Wesleyan, Williamson College, as well as guest lectured at Trevecca Nazarene and Lipscomb on creativity and communication. Teaching engagements have taken her across the U.S. and around the world to Peru, Puerto Rico, Hungary, South Sudan, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Japan.

In her 20+ years as a voiceover artist, Heidi has voiced hundreds of projects for clients around the world, including The United Way, HGTV, Lifeway, Walmart, Honda, Tri-Star Health Systems, Holiday Inn and World Vision. In ministry, Heidi served as the Creative Director for Fellowship Bible in Northwest Arkansas, developing a fully-fledged creative department utilizing video, drama, dance, and the visual arts as methods of redemptive communication. In her work as a writer, Heidi has written 15 musical drama scripts for major publishing companies, one of which was nominated for a Dove Award in 2017 (Shepherds and Kings– Word Publishing) as well as marketing copy, devotionals, and a forthcoming communication curriculum that investigates the intersection of communication and faith. Additionally, her graduate research and writing focused on the rhetoric of opposition- how believers communicate when they disagree. 

She most recently co-founded the Heart Perception Project, a timely effort with a non-theist, Seattle-based, liberal friend, to teach diverse people how to engage in civil discourse and experience connection despite political differences ( Heidi holds a Ph.D. in Communication from Regent University, an M.A. in Communication from the U of Arkansas, a B.S. in Broadcasting and an A.A. in Art & Design from John Brown University. She and her husband Brian recently moved to Colorado and parent 4 crazy boys who challenge their communication skills daily.



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 Each person’s communication becomes a legacy that influences how future generations will communicate.

– Quentin J. Schultze


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